Family Makes A House A Home

It has been a whirlwind three months since we moved to the ranch. We have been working feverishly in trying to get our house renovated so that we can accept visitors. As with most renovations, delays occur and the timing gets pushed back which has been slightly frustrating but understandable.

There was the one visit from my best girlfriends about a month ago, who in their good spirit, slept on the floor, sofa and make-shift guest room…only something you would allow your best friends to do. The house was nowhere near being in shape but having my friends visit brought a spirit to the house, we were together having fun and memories were starting to be made…we will someday look back and laugh at the accommodations they endured.

Fast forward a month to this past weekend, and my sister (one of the above visitors) returned with her family. Again, the house hardly seemed any further along than the month earlier but it felt wonderful to welcome them into our home and we made the best of it.

We spent the weekend visiting local wineries, eating at local establishments, teaching my nephew to drive a tractor and took one evening to just enjoy the beautiful warm weather with a simple BBQ dinner on the patio and fireside drinks well into the late evening. Long conversations and laughter were shared and new embedded memories were made at the ranch.

The house may not yet be in perfect form but it’s the memories made with family and friends that make this house a home…so with each passing day and with each visiting guest, this house becomes a home that will be filled with wonderful, loving memories…but I do also look forward to having the contractors gone. 😉

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