Our Grapes

The Rover Hill Ranch Estate Vineyard is located in the Paso Robles American Viticultural Area {Creston District}. Our vineyard is just under one acre {.77 acre} of mature Petite Sirah vines, which yields approximately 3-4 tons during any given harvest.

Petite Sirah is commonly used as a “blending” grape due to its bold flavor. To date, all final wine products with our grapes have been blended with other grape varietals with excellent results. In keeping with the “rover” theme, we playfully name all our personal batches {shiner bottles} of wine with a dog-themed reference.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with some talented, independent winemakers who have won Gold and Silver in local wine competitions with blends that have included our Petite Sirah grapes.

Marin’s Vineyard {www.MarinsVineyard.com}

Marin’s Vineyard {MV} is a small, family-owned winery located in Lockwood, CA. We have had the pleasure of working with Marin’s Vineyard over several harvest years. Our first batch with them was a blend of 70% of our Petitie Sirah grapes and 30% MV’s Malbec grapes. Marin’s Vineyard called this harvest, 2018 Rancher’s Wife Red Wine Blend. We labled the “shiner” bottles Charm’ed Life {the word “charm” was derived from the first initials of all our dogs, past and present}.

Marin’s Vineyard won Gold at the Orange County Wine Competition for the 2018 Rancher’s Wife Red Wine Blend.

Domaine Degher {www.mojocellars.com}

Rover Hill Ranch’s previous collaborations have included Dennis Deghler Wines (website) which is a blend named RHR’s  “Lucky Dog” 

Dennis Degler Wines Received a Silver Award at the Santa Barbara County with their blend using RHR grapes