Our Story

Welcome and thank you for visiting our site, Rover Hill Ranch.

We are a couple from the San Francisco Bay Area with a few furbabies (rovers) in tow, who in January of 2018, entered the wonderful world of retirement. After years of searching for the perfect retirement location, we decided on the Paso Robles Wine Region of California’s Central Coast. We chose this beautiful region because of its simpler lifestyle, yet, it offers an abundance of activities such as wineries, eateries, social events, and day-trip access to various locations such as the Coast, San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Barbara to mention a few.

After living in the suburbs, we decided we wanted some land and purchased a 10+ acre gentleman’s ranch in Paso Robles. The property includes a 2,400+ sq. ft. main house with a two-car garage, a 1,100 sq. ft. outbuilding (to be converted into a guest house), and a small Petit Sirah vineyard (almost 1 acre) along with approximately 50 olive trees.

We are novices to this lifestyle so we are excited to document our journey as we discover the joys (and challenges) of retirement, running and renovating our ranch, caring for a vineyard (which we know nothing about) and sharing all our favorite central coast local discoveries with you.

We hope you follow along with us and share your stories of retired life, or feel free to ask us questions about how we came to our decision to retire on California’s Central Coast after years of searching the Western U.S. for our perfect retirement location.

We hope this site inspires those of you who are dreaming of retirement and encourages you to plan for and live your golden years to the fullest.

Susan, Thomas + the Rovers

6 thoughts on “Our Story”

  1. Hi guy,
    We are a couple from So Cal. We have two rivers, and two horses. I’m a retired Fireman and my wife and daughter are the animal wisperes. Enjoy your courage to explore. Please tell us more about your adventure.

    Best regards,
    George, Shelly, and Nicole.

    1. That’s wonderful! Love hearing about other people living their dream as well. Thank you for stopping by. We’ll continue to document our journey and see wherever it takes us. Enjoy!

  2. Glad I found you! Sounds like you two are reeeeallllly starting an encore voyage! And that’s a heck of an encore! Hubs and I both love wines and exploring vinyards, and once or twice entertained your vision. But you guys had the guts to actually do it! Impressive! We’ll be following along on your adventures! ~ Lynn

    1. Hi Lynn, yes we have definitely entered into a completely different lifestyle than our previous suburban existence. This is an exciting challenge that we are willing to take on. Thanks for following and I look forward to following your adventures as well. ~ Susan

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of retirement! You sure picked a lovely place to live your dream. Paso is one of my very favorite towns… my husband and I often stop there at least for a night or two when we travel up the coast (we were there just this past December). I really look forward to reading more about your adventures and will be especially interested in getting an insider’s recommendations about places to visit and things to do. Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much! We are very excited about this new chapter in our lives. We will be quite busy this first year (realistically) getting our ranch situated to our satisfaction, but hopefully there will be travel in our near future. thanks for following!

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