A New Year, A New Life!

Hello and welcome to Rover Hill Ranch. We are a retired couple who purchased a 10+ acre gentleman’s ranch in the Paso Robles Wine Region of California’s Central Coast.


In December 2017, we closed on our retirement dream home that we had been searching years for. It was quite a journey to get to this point but after much exploratory travel to numerous locations throughout the Western U.S., many compromises between husband and wife, a few ups and downs such as having to find a new agent mid-stream and losing out on a home we thought we so desperately wanted, and a lot of praying for guidance…our perfect home revealed itself. In January 2018, we moved into our home.

January also marked our new life into retirement…and therefore, a new year brings a new life for us. We will be documenting our journey through the ranch renovations, our explorations and discoveries in the Central Coast region, and everything else that comes along with this so-called retired life.

We named our ranch Rover Hill Ranch after our furry Rovers (two German Shepherds) and after the definition of the word Rover – ro•ver (a person who spends their time wandering) because it is our intention to enjoy some travel adventures throughout our retirement.

We hope you join us as our story unfolds and share your journey and stories as well. We encourage everyone to go out there and live your best life.

Susan + Thomas

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